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  xD Browser  
  xD Sheme Browser The xD Browser makes part of the xD Virtual Builder Solution.

Once the xD Model is established in the xD Builder, it can be used in many ways to generate multiple reporting forms or other output. Another option is to share the model in an interactive way with project partners or everybody concerned by the project and itís impact.

xD Models are published on Internet websites, extranet project-portals or corporate groupware applications by the xD Browser module. Compared to the publication of still images or movie files, this application offers real interactivity: navigation through space, through time, by querying, by filtering, by selecting.

All project information becomes directly available for all people concerned. Multiple views, comparison with actual situation by webcam and automated reports offers daily follow-up in an eye rise. Even from at long distance. xD Browser can operate XML file-based, or in C/S mode on the xD model directly.

The xD Browser opens up and shares the xD Model with a broader public.
Planned situation and construction on site can be perfectly compared and followed-up.
Movie reeks 1 Movie reeks 2
  xD sheme Browser 2  
  • Interactive combined graphic-alphanumeric consulting environment
  • HTML container with multiple HTML subpages:
    • Interactive en dynamic graphic window
    • Filter zone
    • Selection list for visualisations
    • Selection list for viewpoints
    • Zone for object characteristics: direct database query possible
    • Zone for date selection
    • Customisation with company logo
  • Local mode base don XML/VRML xD file
  • C/S mode with direct link towards SQL xD model

    In this case, each modification is immediately visualised

  • HTML – VRML – XML components
  • Ready to incorporate into any website or Intranet
  • Lay-out fully adaptable
  • 3 basic lay-out templates
  • Query functions for object attributes
  • Extensive date selections
  • Fast switch between multiple xD visualizations
  • Extension with project-webcam, reporting , …


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