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  xD VB Builder sheme xD Builder makes part of the xD Virtual Builder Solution.  

The xD BUILDER is the heart of the solution. xD Builder connects existing information, available in CAD-models, schedule files, etc… into one integrated xD project model.
The interpretation of this xD data leads to 4D visualisation, in-depth analysis, reporting and document production.
All possibly automated by a proper scripting language environment.

xD Builder is build around a SQL database, can operate in C/S of stand-alone, is fully customisable and ready for integration in the company’s business processes.
  The core is formed by the xD Data. xD Objects and their xD Attributes are either directly synchronized with the original data sources objects, or synchronized on database level, or manually defined within the xD Builder itself, or newly computed on the basis of previous values and logical operators. Objects are managed by a powerful datagrid user interface.

xD models are created by the select-and-link technique: 2D/3D CAD-objects and scheduling tasks are selected in the original data-sources applications and by drag-and-drop connected to the appropriate xD object. Thanks to this dynamic linking, no data is duplicated and the xD Model always refers to the most recent version.

Once created, xD models are visualised, analysed, queried and interpreted. 4D Visualisations are views on all or a selection of objects. The graphic representation is defined by 4D types according to the building activity. 2D and 3D graphs offer in depth analysis. Interactive querying is found throughout the application.

Reports, including Powerpoint presentations, movies, and output forms are defined once, and further automatically re-generated at each model update. By a specific plug-in, xD Models can also be viewed and manipulated in AutoCAD to generate f.i. a paper space view by date.
xD Builder Demonstration movies
xD Builder Datagrid
Video on the use and functionalities of the xD Builder datagrid
xD Builder Project View
Video on the use and functionalities of the xD Builder Project View
xD Builder Powerproject linking
Sample video of the use of PowerProject as scheduling software
  xDVB Builder sheme 2  

Basis functioning

  • All relevant xD data is centralised into a high-performing relational SQL-based xD model; No data-duplication
  • C/S of stand alone operation
  • Standard technology: XML; VRML; MySQL or other RDBMS;
  • Multiple xD objects with unlimited number of attributes and types: synchronized, custom of computed field
  • Read-only toggle for data protection
  • Project set-up wizard and database initialisation
  • Integrated database management for creation, management, upgrade, and integrity-check

Input & Data-sources

  • Dynamic synchronized datalinks by OO-com framework; supports all com-enabled software
  • CAD software: Autocad® (r2008 en older); Designcad® (3D Max 12, 14 en later); Microstation® (r8.5, XM); specific and status on demand
  • Scheduling software:  Microsoft Project® (all releases); Primavera® (all products); PowerProject®; ODBC compliant applications
  • Data-exchange on database-level: SQLServer – MySQL – Oracle®

Linking – highlight – data source management

  • “Select en link” for cross-links  between applications
  • Linking of data source objects by drag&drop or specific functions; in series or by object; create new as well as upgrade existing xD objects
  • Unlimited number of data sources by project
  • Data source manager for file management, location and update
  • Highlight active selection in datasource; open automatic data source-files
  • Reload functions for object attributes and relation management
  • Full adoption of schedule logics (constraints, relations, .. )

DataView with datagrid – Intelligent data manipulation

  • xD Object management  by synoptic datagrid
  • Grouping, sorting and filtering according to attributes by intuitive en contextual functions
  • Complex user-defined filters
  • Multi-update for attributes
  • Visualisation of time-space conflicts
  • Interaction and query between views and windows


  • User-friendly HTML based interface
  • Web-based application navigation
  • Fast access to user-defined reports
  • Customisable lay-out
  • Multiple screen lay-out
  • Wizard for project set-up
  • Logical and  contextual menu’s and taskbars
  • Dockable window-system

Time navigation

  • Extensive navigation through time: by calender, by timeline, by  milestone list, or by direct input
  • Milestone list extracted out of original data source schedule
  • Quick jump from xD Objects towards start/enddate

4D Project View

  • Graphic window for 4D visualisations
  • Powerful CAD-similar navigation functions
  • Create and manage viewpoints
  • Model composition according to chosen date
  • Support of most common 3D and 2D primitives, aerial photo’s and scanned images
  • Modifiable screen resolution and full screen mode

4D Visualisations

  • A 4D-visualisation is a 4D graphic model view based on a selection of objects, visualization-parameters and for object representation is liable to chosen date
  • Define standard visualization settings
  • Define an unlimited number of 4D visualisations
  • (Auto-)recompute visualisations with updated data-objects
  • Delete visualisations
  • Select in datagrid by visualisation list

4D Types

  • 4D types define the representation of objects by per type of activity
  • Representation by status and date date: pre-active, active, post-active or always
  • Unlimited number of user-defined 4D types
  • Build-in basic types
  • Import 4D Types of standard or previous projects

4D Legend View

  • 4D Legend View with complete list of 4D types and their representation
  • User-friendly definition dialogue
  • Highlights in other projectviews of selected 4D type

Reporting and communication

  • Automatic Powerpoint presentation generation
  • Based on corporate powerpoint-lay-out
  • Generated objects: images, time-line, text information, date
  • Automatic or manual date selection
  • Slide per date generation
  • Automatic movie generation
  • Automatic or manual date selection
  • Frame  per date generation
  • Format and dimensions at choice
  • Render series of high-quality images
  • Thematic colour mappings
  • Back to CAD data source or within xD project view
  • Automation possible
  • Reporting towards .doc, .pdf, .html, … en  other formats

Extension with Report Generator

  • 2D and 3D analysis-graphs based on xD model attributen
  • Generate DWG/XML 4D model
  • Export 4D model to AutoCAD®
  • Visualise 4D model within AutoCAD® met with xD-plugin
  • Export to Excel®, Access®, …
  • SQL export
  • Script generator for automated production
  • Optimise: see Report Generator
  • Publish to website: see xD Browser application


  • Extension of concept status for xD objects: a real agenda per xD object describing the evolution through time, including time related attributes
  • User-defined and modifiable agenda-logic
  • Merge different scheduling tasks;
  • Visualisation and analysis functions

Analysis View – graphs

  • User-defined projectwatches and alerts for daily follow-up
  • Analysis graphs based on attribute-values evolution through time
  • Analysis based on agendaparameters


  • Session for configuration and management
  • All options fully customisable by external XML files.
  • Dump functionality for archive and copy
  • Data source-management

Scripting Language

  • Proper scripting language for automation, customisation and embedding in third-parthy and business critical applications
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